Lotto Buster 2 Pro

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Lotto Buster 2 Pro - REAL tools that work. All Pick 4 / Pick 5 and Pick 6 US lottery results and history delivered to your device. All major Canadian Pick 6 / Pick 7 lottery results and history delivered to your device.

New stats screen shows number frequency and ‘most often paired with’ info for last 60 games. (Number of games can be changed with the Optional Settings tool.) Stats screen also shows percentage for high/low and odd/even for previous year. Random number generator pre loaded with your lottery specifics.

Forty verified lottery wheels (10 each for pick 4/pick 5/pick 6/pick 7). Direct links to Lottery web sites for your game. Our exclusive lottery videos help you make smarter picks. Direct link to our blog where we post the latest lottery app updates and general lottery information.

4 Great Optional Tools - The optional tools can be activated just by sharing on Facebook!
Tool 1 - EXCLUSIVE Weighted Random Generator uses the game history to help narrow your picks to either frequently drawn numbers or less frequently drawn numbers.
Tool 2 - When creating a lottery wheel you can choose to have the numbers listed by frequency and the exact number of times a number has been picked.
Tool 3 - Ability to change settings for the Weighted Random Generator.
Tool 4 - Ability to change settings for stats screen.
After sharing with your Facebook friends just three times, these optional tools are unlocked!

Lotto Buster 2 Pro provides verified abbreviated Wheels for the dedicated lottery player for pick 4, pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 games.

Bonus Optional Tool - The more you share the more lottery wheels you unlock. Every two shares unlocks a new lottery wheel. After 20 shares you will have unlocked 20 new Verified lottery wheels (5 each for pick 4, pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 games).

Lottery wheels are a way of increasing your odds slightly for any given lottery. With a lottery wheel you choose from a larger pool of numbers (not just the 5 or 6 per game). The wheel then manipulates your pool of numbers to guarantee a win if conditions are met. For instance a ‘3 if 3 of 20’ wheel reads as, ‘you are guaranteed* at least one 3 match if 3 of your 20 numbers are in the 5 or 6 winning numbers chosen by the lottery.

Lotto Buster 2 Pro features:
-Lotteries from every US state and Canadian province that has them, from Pick 3 to Multi-State lotteries, including many keno type games.
-Current PowerBall and MegaMillions draws on front screen.
-All US pick 4, pick 5 and pick 6 game results on front screen.*
-Major Canadian pick 6 and pick 7 game results on front screen*
-Generate tickets 4 ways, random, weighted random generator (optional), lottery wheels, manually.
-Weighted Random Generator (optional)
-Numbers listed by frequency/history when creating wheel (optional)
-Easily expand the readout with a simple pinch to view the numbers up close.
-Print to your AirPrint™ enabled printer directly from your app.
-Email the numbers for printing on non AirPrint™ enabled printers.
-Produces cost approximations for every lottery.
-30 pre-made and verified to work lottery wheels (10 for each pick 4, pick 5 or pick 6).
-15 additional verified lottery wheels just by sharing.
-Easily choose your wheel numbers by tapping lottery balls.
-Statistics link for every pick 5 and pick 6 US lottery for number analysis for your verified lottery wheels.
-Go directly to the official lottery page while still in the app.
-No ads

*Lotto Buster 2 Pro is offered as entertainment software only. You are entirely responsible for the numbers you play. Neither Lotto Buster 2 Pro, nor BriantiumApps offers any guarantee either implied or otherwise, that use of this app will increase your chances while playing the lottery. Lottery games are updated by 6am eastern time the following day of the draw. Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 7 lotteries refers to lotteries that do not have repeating numbers.